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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Fairchild / Fairchild Plastics Ltd. / Selcol Fairchild Ltd.

Walmar House
288-292 Regent Street

Company No: 769862
Incorporated in 1963
Dissolved in 1978 (the earlier document at Kew gives 1977, see below)
See also:  Selcol - Selmer and Gala-Goldentone

Not to be confused with:
- Fairchild Industries of Illinois, USA, general plastics, 1961-present
- E.E.Fairchild ' (Alderman-Fairchild Corp. / All-Fair inc.) US game and puzzle manufacturer.

Company originally formed as Fairchild, some products appear in both Fairchild and Selcol Fairchild graphics, as Selcol are reported as being closed in 1968, it is fair to assume that the years 1968/9 through to 1978 are the 'Selcol Fairchild' years, as Selcol get first billing, it may well be that Selmer (parent of Selcol) or Musical & Plastics Industries (MPI - parent of Selmer) took over Fairchild and then hived-off the result, or that Fairchild took on the ailing (?) but better company, and agreed that due to asset help from the acquisition, they should have predominance in the trademark?

One should also remember that Selcol would have had the greater 'goodwill' within the both the toy and plastics industries, by dint of the decades of Selmer producing amplifiers and musical instruments alongside the Selcol records. Whatever the reasons/relationship, Selmer ceased to produce records when they moved Selcol electronics out to the Braintree factory in 1968, the ill-feeling among the Braintree plastics people seems to be of direct consequence to the arrival of Selcol Fairchild as a brand.

Although the relationship was a pre-existing one with some records issued in Selcol Fairchild graphics as early as 1962?

While a fair bit is known about Selcol, very little is known about Fairchild, the above being only confusion without the necessary information! However, one piece of Fairchild's history is freely available on the web: Their legal case as respondents to Marx Toys. To summarise the Judgement linked to below - Marx accused Selcol of plagiarising a set of dogs (almost certainly one of the sets of food/washing-powder premiums that cause confusion, Marx had three ranges of dogs), which Selcol basically - happily - admitted to.

The case came down to when the dogs had been registered as a design, and in the end the judge decided that by a matter of hours, the plagiarism, err…wasn't and Marx lost the attempt to have them removed.

It's not known what subsequently transpired between the two companies in the wider case, but the failure of what was basically a 'cease and desist' injunction is taught to law students to this day, as a piece of seminal 'case law'/classic case of corporate timing, meaning it's readily available on the web.

Fairchild (1963-approximately 1968)
- Dogs
- Tractor
- Paratrooper
Selcol Fairchild (approximately 1968-1978)
- Knitting Jinny
- Mercedes International Giant Fire Engine (4 foot extending ladder on turntable, red and silver plastic)
- Tractor (same as Fairchild-only branded one)
- Magic Guitar (push-button electric sound toy in the shape of a guitar)

National Archives Kew BT 31/46233/10
National Archives Kew BT 31/46762  
Marx Legal Case - Abstract

Further Reading
- Farming in Miniature (FIM) Vol 2
- The National Archives, Kew has two files available: reference:  BT 31/46762 (appears to be largely a partial duplicate of BT 31/46233/10)

What This Entry Needs
More on the relationship between Fairchild and Selmer/Selco
Better history
Better product listings
Company personalities

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